About & FAQ

Who are you, anyway?
I’m Abi. I’m 29, and I live in south-east London with my long-suffering boyfriend Ross and a gangly ball of floof by the name of Elsie. I’m a freelance writer, which pretty much just means that I earn my living by making shit up and hoping someone pays me for it.

How come you’re doing all this?
I’ve always been a fan of the sort of nonsense people call “lifestyle content”. The trouble is, though, that unlike a lot of these magnificent goddesses I’m an actual human being: my hand-drawn planning and journaling spreads look like they were done by an eight year old child, my gorgeous home interiors have acquired a certain aura of tea stains and fag ash and even the yummiest of the food I cook tends to look a bit like cat sick. So I decided it was time to redress the balance.

Did a dog really eat your bullet journal?
Yeah, that happened. I was very sad. She’s cute, though.

Where does your tagline come from?
I am 97% sure that it’s something Amanda Palmer said at some point, but for the life of me I can’t track it down. There is about a 1% possibility that I nicked it from someone else and a 2% possibility that I made it up all on my own, I reckon. Drop me a line if you happen to know the answer to this one.

How do you make your printables?
I use a combination of Scribus, Gimp and Canva, and then cobble them all together in a browser-based PDF merger. I think most people do it all in Photoshop, to be honest, but ain’t nobody got time for that.

IMG_20181006_095850Do you use your own printables?
…sort of. There are a few I use as is but mostly I print them out, chop them up and stick bits of them into my various journals combined with hand-drawn spreads – something that I very much encourage you to try too, as it makes them even more versatile than they already are. They’re mostly based on spreads I’ve hand-drawn in the past, though, so in a way I suppose I use almost all of them.

Where else can I find you and your stuff online?
If you’re enjoying what I write you might like to download my free printables, have a look at my hodgepodge of an Etsy shop, peruse my most useful posts or add me via my personal Instagram and/or Twitter accounts.