Best Of

Being a list of my most popular, useful and informative posts, organised by their category. (I’ve linked the categories, too; there’s loads more to see on those pages.) Where relevant, I keep these posts and links updated; the hope is that these ones at least can be timeless resources for anyone who wants them. Should all these categories actually be different blogs? Probably, but ain’t nobody got time for that.

Crazy Dog Lady

  • So You Want To Get A Puppy?

Food & Cooking

  • Cooking For People Who Think They Can’t Cook
  • Starting A Kitchen From Scratch

Journaling & Planning

  • The Bad Artist’s Guide to Creative Journaling – a 101 guide to bullet journaling and other kinds of journals, planners and diaries
  • How To Choose A Journal (and the million other supplies you’ll want) – my ‘top picks’ list for journals and journaling supplies

Let’s Talk About Sex (and all that other squishy stuff)

  • The Bisexual FAQ
  • “But Don’t You Get Jealous?”: a polyamory 101

Mental Health

Paganism & Witchcraft

  • On The Nomenclature Of Magic – a 101-style glossary of what all the words we use mean, including “why ‘paganism’ and ‘witchcraft’ aren’t necessarily the same thing”

Politics & Discourse

Writing About Writing